23 June 2010

Why didn't I think of this sooner?

Here's a vidoe for you. Hope you like it!!
Hi, Amy!!

13 June 2010

Dance, dance, dance

Just wanted to post a few pics from the annual belly dance gala. Hope you like them. You can find the rest on facebook. Miss you!!!

Me with all my makeup on for the gala.

Myself and the ladies from my dance class.

All dresses up and ready to go!

12 April 2010

Happy 25th Birthday!

In honor of your birthday, I present an excerpt from the acclaimed literary classic Twilight: The Graphic Novel by Stephenie Meyer:

Happy Birthday Amy!!! You're both my heroine and my heroin!

Because it's too funny not to repeat:

11 April 2010

Mummies in the OC

Today Doug and I went to the Bower's Museum in Santa Ana (near Disneyland). It was recommended to us by my manager (her husband used to work there). It was Free First Sunday (even thought it was the second Sunday of the month; they were closed for Easter) and Doug and I were both off, so we decided this would be the perfect time to go!

It looked like something you would like - it focuses on Oceanic and Eastern art (and cultural artifacts). We got to see the special exhibit "Secrets of the Silk Road". It was really cool - they have mummies! Naturally preserved Caucasian mummies that were found in far Western China. The artifacts were awesome; unfortunately the curating left a little to be desired. . Doug was frustrated with the spelling (If I can tell things are misspelled you know it's pretty bad) and I was frustrated with the editing (fluffy sentences should be CUT. The explanations sounded like when you try to pad a paper). Still, it was a very cool exhibit. We weren't allowed to take photos inside the exhibit, but these are a few from around the museum's permanent collections:

A happy Coffin in the form of a Mythic Beast from Borneo, early 20th Cent. I like how he's smiling:

Canoe, Yani Culture, Orchid Island, Taiwan, 20th Cent:

This is a tiny little, like 3inch Chinese carving on the top post (neither Doug nor I can remember the technical name):

Another Chinese Sculpture - I love her movement:

A trio of happy, laughing Chinese Horses:

Seriously, look at these faces! I love them!

09 April 2010

Oh no, Knott Again!

Knott's Berry Farm was having a super sale on tickets so we went. We weren't even out of the parkinglot when I saw this:How gorgeous are his blond feathers? Doug is so good, he let me stalk the rooster and take pictures for a bit. I mean, why else do we drive 45 mins to Knotts if not to take pictures of poultry?

Knott's is all decorated for spring:

Snoopy's Shop! (It got cold!)

04 April 2010

Hoppy Easter!

I unexpecitedly had the day off, so Doug and I went to LA to spend the day with his mom (who was down for a mini-vaca), aunt & uncle, and grandma. It was a very nice day (except for the huge EARTHQUAKE that hit while I was talking to Mom on the phone. Seriously. A 7.2. That's like the earth tearing itself apart. It's so not natural!), and I'm glad Doug got to see his family - and that I got an excuse to buy and wear a new dress. I had opened my Easter Basket when I woke up (of course) and had a little candy then, but in the rush to leave I didn't really get into it until that night!

Poor little Bunny - he didn't have such a good Easter. I did!!

28 March 2010

Huntington Beach

The weather's been really warm the past few weeks so we figured it's time for the beach!!! We went to Huntington Beach - which as usual had something going on. It's always busy when we try to go and, of course, neither of us ever check the website. It was a Classic Car Show - which turned out to be really cool. There was a bunch of restored Woodies and Beetles and stuff - it's about as SoCal as you can get.

The water is still too cold to swim (but I always find the water here frigid) but it was gorgeous weather. Afterwards, we went eat at Mrs Knott's Fried Chicken- yum!